It’s actually quite simple.

So let’s say you just heard about this new project and you want to invest. Unfortunately, and probably unsurprisingly, it is not listed on your exchange of choice. Or perhaps you do find it on an exchange you use, but it would require you to sell other crypto into fiat and face high fees. What if you could just swap your ETH for that hot project instead of going through all the hassle? Enter Uniswap. Rising to 12th highest market cap in all of crypto, Uniswap has become one of the most prominent projects in the…


If you are an owner of ETH or any Ethereum based project you most likely have heard something about the upcoming “EIP-1559”, otherwise known as Ethereum Improvement Proposal 1559. The majority of EIP’s mainly focus on technical improvements to Ethereum and are not widely discussed outside of the core Ethereum developer community. However, the changes proposed in 1559 could present major implications for the Ethereum monetary network and Ethereum based projects. EIP-1559 suggests changes to the Ethereum fee model and was proposed back in 2019 by one it’s creators, Vitalik Buterin. …

We all use the internet. In fact, you’re using it right now. But you and your phone are not the only things that connect to the internet. All sorts of things do. Refrigerators, TVs, watches, scooters, and countless other devices are all part of what is appropriately called the Internet of Things (IoT). These smart devices aren’t very smart without an internet connection, but obtaining that internet connection can be pricey.

What if all these smart devices had their own internet that works just for them? This would allow these devices to always stay connected anywhere, anytime. …

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Via Numerai

Famous quant funds such as D.E. Shaw, Citadel, and Two Sigma brought engineers into the financial world by utilizing complex mathematical models to guide investing decisions.

Numerai, like Citadel and the like classifies itself as a quant fund. However, what differentiates it from the rest is how it obtains its models and predictions.

The Hardest Data Science Tournament on the Planet

Calling all data scientists…

The Numerai Tournament is where data scientists build machine learning models on abstract financial data to try and predict the stock market. The models can be staked with the NMR cryptocurrency to earn rewards based on performance.

The staked models of Numerai are…

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Yesterday I received a call from my pharmacy that my prescriptions were ready, so I got in my car and sat in the drive-thru line for about twenty minutes only to learn only half are ready thus I would need to return in thirty minutes. I obliged and even gave a conservative cushion of two hours before returning and once again waiting in line only to learn that they would not be ready until the following day. I finally received the remainder of my prescriptions nearly twenty-four hours after I was notified that they were complete.

More than 131 million…


In December 2007 the subprime mortgage crises ignited the “Great recession” beginning in United States and soon spreading across the globe. This period culminated on September 29th, 2008 with the crash of the United States stock market. One month later on “Halloween” October 31st, 2008 the person or group pseudonymously identified as Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin white paper.

These events are not independent, they are in fact uniquely related. It is widely believed that the events which culminated in the financial crises was what subsequently inspired the advent of Bitcoin with one in particular — the mistrust of banks…

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Silicon Valley and the rest of the VC is space is obsessed with finding the next Facebook, Google, Snapchat, or AirBNB….

In other words, finding the next Unicorn.

But why is this?

The reasoning for this boils down to a very simple concept.

Statistically most of the companies within their portfolio will not produce a significant return on their investment. Because of this, firms need to make a lot of bets. These bets are very well researched and vetted yet they are, indeed, bets. Thus they need a few winners to make up for all the losers.

So let’s say…

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Unless you have been living under a rock you have most likely heard that the much hyped, star studded, mobile first (and last) content app, Quibi — short for “Quick Bites” has recently decided to fold up shop. This, just a whopping 6 months after it launched following it’s receiving of just a hair (~ $100 million) short of 2 Billion dollars in investment from a consortium the big studios, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Google, Alibaba and the billionaire Carlos Slim. …

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As I sat down to watch Netflix’s “The Social Dilemma” I was anticipating being told a lot of information that I already knew. Ask just about anyone if they are on their phone too much and they will respond with a resounding yes almost every time. If this is such a well documented problem in just about everyone’s lives then why don’t we just change our digital relationship?

“The Social Dilemma” examines that question and brings about experts and many of the very people who created the digital world that most of us spend our lives in.

The simple answer…

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